I am Proud of You Mr. Tata


Mr. Ratan Tata is an Ikon. Still so down to earth, so cultured. He is not a hindu, not a muslim, not a dalit, not even a Paarsi. He is a True Indian. The height and glory that he has derived from Mr. JRD Tata would have easily corrupted him, especially in today’s brutal world, in  a country like India where almost every politician, every government system is corrupt. It was so easy to stup down to lowest levels to attain success at any cost. It was so easy to play a dirty game of business and politics to meet the ambitions higher than skies. But He has shown that success can be achieved without falling pray to the corrupt systems. We can be successful still worth the respect of others without compromising the quality and the good values. He  is an institution in himslef from whom today’s youth have a lot to learn and implement. I am proud to have been associated with the Tata company. 

Congradulations Mr. Tata. I am proud of you. You have made every Indian Proud. We owe it to you.

  1. You are very correct. Ratan Tata is the synonym of the TRUE INDIAN.. who love and respect his country more than any thing.
    I always say, when Tata shares nose down, you dont feel fishy, but when the same thing happen with Reliance you doubt the intigrity of Ambanis!

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